by Sarah Kuta, Staff Writer

(“For any survivor who walked into their office, they would feel very safe and that, finally, somebody was going to be able to hear them,” said Nancy Hogshead-Makar, who served as CU’s Title IX adviser from 2008 to 2013. “But they don’t stop there at just being good people who are empathetic. They add this layer of incredible legal competence and resources.” 

“(Title IX attorneys) are few and far between,” Hogshead-Makar said. “It is shocking. I’m always looking for attorneys to be able to take on Title IX cases.” 

Hogshead-Makar came to CU in 2008 as a result of the university’s settlement with the two women in 2007. She now leads Champion Women, an organization that advocates for women and girls in sports. Hogshead-Makar said she knows it can’t have been easy filing suit against CU while working in Boulder. The firm’s lawyers and the victims they represent often receive threats of violence from college sports fans in connection with cases they’ve taken on. “They take on the hardest cases and are not swayed at all by negative publicity,” she said. “They’re willing to go out on a limb to make it better for all women.”) 

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