by Jared Anderson, Swim Swam

(We first asked Nancy Hogshead-Makar about one of the more hot-button issues associated with the Autonomy Era: will schools start paying college athletes above and beyond the cost of a scholarship? And how will Title IX affect that possibility?

Hogshead-Makar ran the numbers on the possibility of payment. The proposals about paying college athletes tend to center around two sports: football and men’s basketball, as those are the two sports producing the massive amounts of advertising and television dollars that spurred this whole payment debate in the first place. “That includes 97 men who would get these new benefits,” Hogshead-Makar says, “because there are 85 football scholarships and 12 in basketball.” In order to comply with Title IX, Hogshead-Makar says, schools will have to provide equal benefits to 97 women, in whatever sports the school chooses. Continued…) 

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