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Leveling the Playing Field for Female Athletes

Our primary focus is Title IX – awareness and education for athletic program administrators, parents, and athletes.





Title IX


Sports Administrators


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Title IX and College Sports

Title IX and College Sports

Is your school treating women fairly? That’s a good question. Champion Women has taken the athletic department data that colleges and universities report to the Department of Education and made it user-friendly. We’ve crunched the numbers and calculated how far off...
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“America needs a women’s sports organization with the unique and sole focus of strong advocacy against the inequality of women and girls in sport…Champion Women can be that organization. I am proud to be associated with Champion Women.”

Richard Lapchick

“I’m very excited to join Nancy Hogshead-Makar as a pioneer in advocacy for girls and women…I have no doubt, we will make a difference in the desperately neglected sexual abuse problem faced by women athletes.”

Micki King

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Champion Women’s Education, Advocacy, Research, and Leadership programs are made possible by individual and corporate contributions. Join us in leveling the playing field for girls and women.




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